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Do chiropractors put bones into place?

Date: November 14, 2016 | Time: 12:55pm

Every day I explain to my patients how the body works. After all, the meaning of Doctor is Teacher, from the word docre, to teach. I have always explained why I practice Chiropractic the way I do, and that will not change. But, perhaps there is a better way to let more of my patients stay informed.

Like you, I get many emails every day and some are newsletters. Most are so long that I do not find the time to read them. Why can't they distill the information and make it shorter? If I knew the message will be short and to the point I would probably read it.

With that in mind, I will be sending out short, to the point messages that I( think will be of value to your health. They will not be the long, multi-subject newsletters, but will be one subject that can be read in under a minute. Here is the first one.

Do Chiropractors Put Bones Back in Place?

Often after an adjustment my patient will say something like, "I could tell that needed to get back into place." The idea that Chiropractors push back into place is wrong. What we really do is create motion in a joint that was restricted in motion.

A Chiropractor will look at levels of the body as well as feel the joint to determine how it is restricted. I personally use my hands or other tools to correct that restriction. The goal of every visit is to have joints un-restricted.

Joints that are not restricted take pressure off of your nerves and allow muscles to move without hindrance. Getting your joints in motion is the easy part. Getting them to stay balanced and unrestricted with specific stretches or exercises, is our mutual goal, (remember, we are partners in pursuing your good health!), In my opinion, successfully doing so separates excellent Chiropractors from those who continuously treat the same way, same joints, no change.

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The Percussor

Date: November 7, 2016 | Time: 12:56pm

One way I am unlike other chiropractors is my unique use of "The Percussor".

About 8 years ago I was introduced to the percussor and when I realized it was effectively stretching connective tissue it almost instantly changed the way I practice.

All my patients are treated with the percussor. The percussor is that machine that vibrates the joints. Only some chiropractors use the percussor, and no one uses it like I do.

The Percussor stretches connective tissue

Connective tissue includes tendons, ligaments and also joint capsules that surround a joint. The percussor stretches connective tissue and therefore increases joint mobility. When joints are unrestricted your muscles work more effectively are less painful.

I also use it on muscles but it is not stretching the muscle tissue, it is stretching the connective tissue surrounding the muscles.

The percussor is one of the ways I create "joints in motion" which is my goal for you during a treatment.

If you have a nagging or reoccurring pain or condition and would like to take control of your health, I utilize specific step-by-step procedures that will determine specifically what is causing your pain and how you can take control of it. You will also be shown how to start to improve your health using safe and natural methods. I understand the body, and together we can address your pains and health challenges that you are struggling to overcome.

It really comes down to the experience of the doctor

This includes the ability to see the patterns of the body both abnormal and as the body heals. As a doctor of chiropractic with over 27 years of clinical practice I have that experience.

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